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Nature’s Retreat Centre is in Butleigh which is a small, peaceful and quiet Somerset village with a population of approx. 900 persons.  Butleigh is just 4 miles from the famous pilgrimage centre of Glastonbury. The famous New Age author, Eckhart Tolle, lived for a while in a shared house in Butleigh.

At the north entrance to Butleigh is the monumental former stately home of the Neville-Grenvilles, now divided up into flats, with its striking castle-like architecture and carved chimney stacks.  Also near the north entrance is a major Roman villa: the excavations continue for a short period each year.

There is a charming little church dating back to the 14th century which is very much part of the life of the village and has a beautiful atmosphere.  Butleigh has a single village shop/post office, and a primary school.

The village high street is attractive with its stone houses many fronted by little gardens, reminiscent of an earlier period when life was lived at a different tempo.

Butleigh is right in the middle of the Glastonbury landscape zodiac. In case you are wondering, the Glastonbury landscape zodiac was first discovered by Katherine Maltwood in a vision in 1935, and is a terrestrial map, covering an area of eleven miles in diameter, of the signs of the zodiac – delineated by tracks, field boundaries, courses of streams and rivers etc.  Butleigh being at the centre has a privileged position!

There is very little light pollution and the starry skies at night can be marvellously clear.

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