Launch Party

A hugely enjoyable afternoon, well-balanced with relaxing and healing music by celebrated Glastonbury harpist John Dalton, and Japanese Tomoko playing the flute in the Activity room, and lots of new friendships made and networking going on during the tea breaks: a delicious choice of homemade scones, buns and cakes on offer throughout.
A yoga class bestowed more of the mellow and relaxing influence, given by Glastonbury yoga teacher Helen, and Lauri (from Finland) gave shamanic healing sessions – people I spoke to afterwards were expressing their appreciation.
Jacqueline who will offer the (Findhorn) Game of Transformation workshops, with the charm that is natural to her, gave brief introductory sessions of the Game.
The Launch party culminated with a guitar recital and songs of her own composition by the lovely Glastonbury Aviva under the multi-branched black walnut tree, which is a star feature of the garden.

The afternoon drew the feedback:

“Such a beautiful space – warm and inviting and the garden was magical” Jennifer.

“A lovely space, beautifully held and nourished. A good place to grow into yourself”. Miranda.