Reviews, Feedback & Update.

‘Natures retreat is in a beautiful location, quiet and tranquil. The garden is a haven of splendid trees and flowers perfect for taking time while on retreat to connect, reflect and receive nourishment. As a retreat facilitator the practicals such as the kitchen has all that I needed with good seating areas. The retreat space has an open fire for that extra warmth. The bedrooms are clean and light. I have enjoyed running my weekends here especially needing to have privacy in the garden and quiet. Thank you Ianthe for your kind care’. Kalindi Jordan creator of the Sensual Mastery Journey

‘The Chalice School has now held five weekend residential retreats at Nature’s Retreat Centre and we have been delighted with our experience.  Organising and feeding a dozen or more participants over a weekend can be a formidable task, but Ianthe and the excellent facilities at the Centre enabled everything to run very smoothly. Those staying in the guest rooms were delighted with the comfort and good ambience. The kitchen is well equipped and the food preparation went very smoothly.  Above all, the meeting room provided an ideal atmosphere for our in-depth studies’. Andrew Smith

‘Very clean bathrooms, hot water, good showers.’

‘Lovely warm comfortable bedrooms. Beautiful surroundings. Excellent food. A beautiful, warm, welcoming hostess.’

‘Fabulous garden, the black walnut tree is truly special.’

‘Location; just perfect for what we were looking for – ambience, peaceful and yoga room lends itself to many other activities.’

‘The house has a lovely calming energy that was perfect for our meditations and workshop.’

‘I think there’s a lot of healing energy here.  I come here and I sleep and sleep and sleep.  I sleep better here than at home’.

‘You have created a lovely space here – warm, welcoming and safe. The quietness both inside the house and in the garden leads to quietness in oneself.

‘Couldn’t have asked for nicer food which was wonderfully cooked.’

‘It has been some time since I was at the Nature’s Retreat Center for the writing workshop.  I often think of the beautiful setting and the peace and quiet of the place with the magnificent trees, gardens and paths.  It was such a welcoming place and you provided such a homey atmosphere.  It lent itself beautifully to our writing experience.  The location next to the 15th century church added to the ambiance.  I long to return someday.’