Early event in 2015.

Early event in 2015 which ushered in workshops during the year:
‘We held a wonderful Shivaratri ceremony here led by yoga teacher, Nick Edge, on February 19 2015 which I felt ushered in and blessed the season of workshops at Nature’s Retreat Centre in the coming year. We lay down to do a deeply relaxing guided Yoga Nidra, which was followed by a chanting of the sacred 2500 – 3500 year old Gayatri mantra 108 times. The evening came to an end with mentally consigning to the fire what we felt held us back and wanted to release from our lives. The Gayatri mantra felt like a sacred blessing of our own lives, and a blessing for the Centre. The syllables of the Gayatri mantra were selected by the Indian sages to create very specific spiritual vibrations. The Gayatri mantra is a great favourite of Yogis: you will probably recognize the opening line – “om bhur bhuvaha swaha…”’

‘Swami Vivekananda’s translation of the Gayatri mantra goes like this: “We meditate on the glory of the Being who has created the universe; may He enlighten our minds” There are many translations as each of the words can be interpreted in so many ways. It is nice to create one’s own individual translation of it, which is meaningful to oneself personally. We raised just short of £75 from the event which went to help the local homeless and those who are struggling to cope. We held two more such evenings culminating in 54 recitations of the Gayatri, and each time the prayer seemed to go deeper. We were amazed by the turn-out: a full room each time! With each evening, we raised money for Charity; today, April 29, £70 was raised which went to the earthquake stricken people of Nepal.’