The title Nature’s Retreat Centre is inspired from understanding that Nature is the best Guide:
In her Spontaneity, Innate Goodness, Naturalness and Over-arching Wisdom.

A sense of having received from Life, Society and Nature abundantly.
The wish to repay somewhat this inestimable debt by seeking to enhance peoples’ lives,
and being in loving service to Nature, and to all of Life, which upholds and cherishes us.

Nature’s Retreat Centre is run by Ianthe

Ianthe studied Archaeology and Anthroplogy at University.  Immediately afterwards she travelled overland following the hippy trail with a friend to India, starting from Istambul. She has visited India 7 times, attracted by the deep spirituality there, spending time in ashrams studying yoga and meditation.

Ianthe became a member at Findhorn in the mid 70s.  Her family home in the South of England was a beautiful 15th century manor house.  It became an outpost for Findhorn over two summers with Findhorn group leaders and Findhorn guests making the long trek down.  The workshops had as their focus living in community and attunement with nature.

She studied archaeology in Cyprus, the South of France and the Orkneys.  Her interest in anthropology found its expression in raising money via a London charity for fishtanks (their cherished wish) for a tribe in the Amazon rainforest.  She went on two trips to Brazil and saw the project through to a successsful completion.

She trained in massage, reflexology and polarity therapy, and worked at Feltham Youth Remand Centre as an alternative therapist, and at a Beauty Salon.
Yoga has been a central theme in her life.

She completed a training in bio-dynamic cranio-sacral therapy at Karuna. Recently, she has been campaigning in the local anti-nuclear movement.

Ianthe is currently realising a long-cherished dream of providing a space for consciousness-raising activities which have the aim to bring happiness, fulfilment and peace.